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  • As the car wound through the streets, toward a long line of beach houses, the waves came again, closer, stronger. There wasn t a wrinkle on her tan slacks, white embroidered blouse, and multicolored scarf that she wore loosely around her neck and draped over her left shoulder and chest. She had the unique talent to bring the male species to their knees with but a nod.
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  • Sighing, she touched her cheeks with her free hand, and he wondered if she was crying. Linda giggled and poured another drink to replace the one Tanya had taken.
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    In between the vomiting guests, were couples looking for privacy or daring groups running down to the 27 Lietha Wards beach to skinny dip whipping off their clothes as they ran.

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    Not only that, if I don t you ll be angry with me.

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  • As someone announced the arrival of the train, he stood up and grabbed his travel bag. He was flattering her, which normally aggravated her witless; however, there was something so endearing in his smile, she could not help but be charmed. Elsa felt someone land on her and then her hair was pulled on painfully guiding her to her feet.
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    Linda turned her conversation to Ted babbling away about him as she discussed what she was going to wear, and her plan of attack.

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  • Could be a gangster, Stated Tanya not masking the concern in her voice. She probably 74 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story couldn t even remember any of their names, but this man she couldn t forget, even with the brief crossing of paths.

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  • She couldn t contain another scream and tried to scramble backwards away from the bloody horror in front of her. Well, I suppose he told you, did he not, Stapleford? he said, and the men laughed. I m not crazy Elsa, He read her thoughts, I was lying in a pool of my own blood.
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  • There is not one female of ours that wouldn t bow at your feet and obey your every command. Jason walked in at that moment and stopped and smiled when he saw Elsa. He was 221 Lietha Wards sure Emily knew that it was risky delving into people s private lives.
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    Then she heard her name, loud and clear, and inhuman, slicing the night like a knife. She turned and walked away from him without a backward glance.

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    Miriam leaned forward, as if ready to reveal a deep, dark secret. There seemed to be a silent understanding between them, like shared secrets.
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    If any of this got out to their enemies, Elsa s life was at risk. Linda, you don t know anything and what you think you know is completely wrong! She wasn t a vegetarian, but she didn t want to eat a cute little bunny.


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  • He had to, because of the deaths at his hospital and the missing girl. He had dismissed Julian and took up the task of watching Elsa.
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